Exploring Balboa Park, San Diego

In the same park as the San Diego Zoo, lies a complex of museums and exhibits for people to explore all within walking distance to one another.  The Sunday adventure started with some sushi the night before in San Marcos at Sushi Huku

ppetmp (1)

Sunday for lunch we headed to Mira Mesa to try out a new hot pot Tasty Pot for some Taiwanese style hot pot.


Afterwards we headed down the Balboa Park to do some exploring.  We noticed that there was a anti hate / anti trump / anti bad things rally which was tiny but managed to bring out some news cameras just to pick up some stories.


The best museum was the art museum that was showcasing some Monet’s on loan from another museum.  It was a really great exhibit including art work from Richard Deacon.

Botanical Garden
Entrance to the Museum of Fine Arts



Richard Deacon’s voluptuous abstract forms have placed him at the helm of British sculpture since the 1980s and, hugely influential, his works are visible in major public commissions around the world. His voracious appetite for material has seen him move between laminated wood, stainless steel, corrugated iron, polycarbonate, marble, clay, vinyl, foam and leather, as if each sculpture were defined by contrast to its successor.


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