Potato Chip Rock and the Milky Way

The Mt Woodson trail is a popular place to take selfies on what they call Potato Chip Rock.  It is a short hike but a steep hike.  I am always amazed seeing people with little to no water hiking.  Parking is a pain and it’s crowded to get here early or be prepared to wait for a long time at the top to take a pic.  Seems that standing on top of a rock or taking a picture of the milky way is our new activity to create buzz on our Instagram accounts now.


Start of the Hike
Hiking up past the fog
Potato Chip rock off in the distance on the left
Made it to the rock
Look out and enjoy the view
Maybe Ill sit for a while
The views are great out here



Anza Borrego is a great place to see the starts due to it’s distance from large city lights.  It is also the home to some amazing sculptures in the desert.  Combined they make a unique opportunity to see the milky and take some astro photography.

Anza Barrego
Milky Way and the Dragon


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