Snow and Sand

Lady Egg and I have been talking about going to San Jacinto above Palm Springs for a while now.  The original plan was to go hiking in the morning and then check out Joshua Tree in the afternoon but with the high desert winds, we decided to skip Joshua Tree and head to the beach the following day.  This blog is a two day journey to see snow one day and sand the next.  On day one, we took the 8am Palm Springs Aerial Tram to the mountain station and took the Desert View trail.  It has 5 notches with views of Palm Springs and you get this surreal feeling standing near snow while you look down at the desert.  It’s a loop under 2 miles with fairly easy elevation gains.  There was snow on the ground in the shaded areas but it was already starting to warm up and was melting fast.  I took up my Jetboil MiniMo stove to make some coffee and test out the Mountain House beef stew dehydrated meal pack.  The rehydration times are wrong and the meal was just ok.  You need to add an additional 5 min due to elevation.  My total pack weight was around 10 pounds which is getting me ready for Yosemite this May.  It was fun checking out the 5 different views and breathing in the amazing mountain air.

Notch 4
Aerial Tram from the Base Station
View of Palm Springs
Notch 4
Notch 4
Notch 1
Coming back to the Mountain Station
I’m on top of the world


We got off the mountain around 1pm and headed into downtown Palm Springs for lunch.  It’s funny to be in the place that a few hours ago you were viewing from 8,000 feet above.  We grabbed a Nicoise Salad and Ham and Cheese  Sandwich from L’Atelier Cafe.  It’s a cute french restaurant in the heart of downtown Palm Springs.  As we were walking, we ran into the Marilyn Monroe star from the Palm Springs Walk of Fame.




On day two, we headed to Crystal Cove Beach in the afternoon.  We entered the beach from the side that has the Beachcombers Restaurant.  The bungalows that surround the restaurant have an interesting history and are rent able.  Exploring the coast during low tide is never the same experience as you get to see the ever changing coast line and the raw beauty of the ocean.  We eventually got hungry and grabbed food at the Bear Flag company which has amazing poke and seafood and finally caught the sunset at Corona Del Mar beach.  Snow to Sand, California is an amazing place.


Sunset at Corona Del Mar
Ahi Poke and Seaweed salad

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