Waterfalls, Wine, and Flowers

Getting up at 5am is never fun, but I was excited to check out a few spots in San Diego so it was worth it.  The day with Lady Egg would be a hike, some wine tasting and finally checking out the “superbloom”.

The first stop was Cedar Creek Falls in Ramona.  This large waterfall fills up a large swimming pool called the Devils Punch Bowl.  The forest services says you can’t but there is a large rock cropping that people can jump off of into the water.  This is a reverse hike which I personally hate because you have to hike 2.5 downhill then hike 2.5 miles uphill.  In addition, you have 3 deep water crossings so we brought water shoes which turned out to be the most fun part of the hike.  While people were trying to not get their feet wet, we just marched across the creek.  This trail is monitored and they only give out 75 permits a day (up to 5 people per permit) which helps control the number of people on the trail.  We got to the trail head around 9am and set off.  The recent rains created these amazing green hills and the flowers in full bloom.  We felt fortunate to be here at this time of year.  Also, this waterfall is normally a trickle according to the park ranger but these rains have made the waterfall particularly beautiful.



Getting back to our car about 1:30pm, we headed back up the I15 freeway towards Temecula for our second stop, Leoness Cellars.  Lady Egg is a member there so we stopped by to get some free wine tastings but first we got some much needed food at the attached restaurant.  They are expanding so there is a lot of construction going on but the winery itself is still beautiful sitting along a hill.  We ordered and shared 4 appetizers consisting of oysters rockefeller, duck pate, greek salad and mushroom flatbread.  The food was amazing and I really loved their presentation using these chunky wooden boards as plates.  For dessert, we had tasted some wines.  My favorites were the 2014 estate cellar Cabernet Sauvignon and the 2014 Zinfandel.  Greg, the host, poured us and educated us some really nice wines.  For a winery not on the main winery road, this place was surprisingly crowded.  I think it speaks heavily on the quality of the wines.  This is definitely on my winery rotation now in Temecula.

Mushroom Flatbread
Oyster Rockefeller
View from the Leoness Outdoor Patio
Duck Pate
Wine Tasting Room
Leoness Restaurant
Wine Wine Wine


Our final stop was to see the superbloom flowers at Walker Canyon in Lake Elsinore.  Getting off at Lake Street you saw a lot of cars parked on the side of the road.  We were amused that there were 2 ice cream trucks parked on the side as well.  The people were a combination of DSLRs and dressing up taking pictures and people with just phone cameras. Regardless of equipment, people were all there to appreciate the flowers.  We were able to find some quiet places to take a few pictures and then we headed back home with tired bodies full of fond memories.  It was a good day.


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