Indian Wells

The Tennis tournament at Indian Wells is actually owned by Larry Ellison from Oracle fame that bought the tournament and its facilities for $100 million in 2009 and since then has invested another $100 million, improving the event year-after-year. Indian Wells, as it’s commonly known, has become one of the world’s premier tennis venues.  Lady Egg is a huge tennis fan and she took me to this Tournament.  I have never seen professionals play in person so I was pretty excited.  We had ground passes so we got to see everything except for matches in Stadium 1 and 2.  In addition, they have large TV monitors that show the key matches throughout the day.

We started our day at 7am and drove towards Palm Springs.   I have been teasing Lady Egg with food pics from Elmers restaurant in downtown Palm Springs for a couple of weeks and we made sure to get breakfast there especially the Dutch Pancake.  This circular disc of goodness is about 12 inches wide and we got it with berry toppings.  I got the combo with two eggs over easy with chicken apple sausages.  Lady Egg got the boysenberry crepes with eggs over easy and chicken apple sausages as well.  We were lucky to get seated before 9:30 because as we left, it got really crowded.  Lots of people had the same idea of eating breakfast there and then going to the tennis tournament.


As we drove down the 111 fwy, we saw traffic building up and decided to try to route away from it.  Eventually we got in and watched our first match which was Wozniacki vs Linette on court 4.  I know Wozniacki’s name because she was formally engaged to Rory McIlroy of golf fame.  She started a little slow but eventually dominated and finished her match 6-3, 6-0.

Indian Wells (5 of 19)
Indian Wells (6 of 19)
Indian Wells (1 of 19)
Start of the match
Indian Wells (2 of 19)

By 1pm, the heat was pushing 98 degrees and I did not feel like cooking my buns on the metal stand seats so we took refuge by the TV at stadium 1.  There was this beautiful grass area that had plastic adinrondack chairs.  What is great about this place is that they encourage people to bring water bottles and have free britta water filling stations around the stadium.  You can imaging how popular those were all day.  Eventually the sun moved enough for us to sit in the shade for a few hours while we watched games and stayed cool.  A Michelob Ultra 25oz beer was $12 but well worth it, especially when I asked for two cups of ice and poured the beers into them.  It may sound weird but it’s the little things that make life tolerable.   A really fun match to watch was Fognini vs Tsonga which Fognini won and it seemed that each game went to deuce.  The score ended up at 7-6, 3-6, 6-4.  Tsonga was ranked 7 in the tournament so that was an upset.

IMG_2596Indian Wells (8 of 19)Indian Wells (13 of 19)Indian Wells (12 of 19)Indian Wells (11 of 19)IMG_2593

Our final match that we watched was Monfils vs King.  Monfils was funny to me because after each rally he would lean down on his racket like he was exhausted or in pain.  He was easily defeated in the first set 3-6 by King, who had these amazing short shots, but Monfils took over the match and won the next two sets 6-0, 6-1.

Full moon rising in the desert
Beautiful desert sunset
Indian Wells (19 of 19)
Indian Wells (18 of 19)
Monfils always looking in pain


With that match we ended up leaving the desert to stop by the Cabazon outlets and then get dinner.  We found out later that night that the #1 seed Andy Murray lost of Pospisil 4-6, 5-7 which was a huge upset.  The good matches ended up being on Sunday including Roger Federer, Lady Egg’s boyfriend according to her.

After the outlets, we ended back home at 10pm and got dinner at Sun Nong Dan.  We got the ox tail and galbi jim combo.  This is braised short ribs in a mild sauce with potatoes, carrots, rice cake and green onions.  Even a small size portion can feed 3 people.  Lucky it was only two people so we ate well.  It was a nice ending to a long but fun day.  The Indian Wells facility is an amazing place where you can see water in the desert.


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