Las Vegas

I’ve been wanting to check out the Red Rock canyon outside of Las Vegas for a long time.  You have to go when it’s cool otherwise you will probably bake in the sun.  For $7, you can drive along a 13 mile road and see some spectacular rock formations highlighting different layers of strata.  It’s mainly sandstone, so the soft rocks creates interesting visual shapes and colors.  Lady Egg and I left early Sat morning from Los Angeles and drove straight to Red Rock.  We arrived around 10:30am and after stopping by the visitor center we got exploring a few areas.  Our first hike was Calico Tanks, a short 2.5 mile hike with a few rock scrambles towards the end.  Afterwards, we headed to High Point Overlook and we had a light snack of a fennel salad that Lady Egg made.

Calico Tanks
Calico Tanks
Morning drive to Las Vegas
High Point Overlook
Visitor Center
High Point Overlook
High Point Overlook

After Red Rock, we heading into Las Vegas to my favorite ramen place Monta Ramen.  I ordered the spicy Tonkotsu ramen with an egg and corn.  If you are ever in vegas, check them out.  It’s a small place and expect to wait but it’s worth the wait.  At 2pm, there was still about a 20 min wait to eat.


After checking into the hotel and taking a little nap, we headed out to dinner at Ichiza, a Japanese Izakaya place.  We ordered oysters, hamachi sashimi, uni with yuzu, grilled squid, black cod with miso, negitoro with avocado and quail egg and egg custard.  It seems like a lot of food but the portions are smaller so its easy to share and taste many different dishes.

Grilled Squid
Egg Custard
Hamachi sashimi and Uni with Yuzu
Negitoro with avocado and egg, Grilled Black Cod
Ramen, Spicy Tonkotsu

Finally we headed to the MGM Grand Hotel and Hakkasan night club to see DJ Tiesto.  It was Lady Egg’s idea to go dancing and for a first time experience, we thought Tiesto would be a good person to see.  It’s a bit of a cluster to get into the club, it was funny that you needed 2 stamps to get in.  I think they checked my ID 4 times going in.  So we got in the club at 10:30pm but DJ Tiesto didn’t start spinning till 1am.  I am not sure you would call this a “dance” club because it was so jammed with people that you couldn’t even dance.  You just stood there watching the DJ and waving your arms around.  Finally at 3am, we go tired of the sea of humanity crushing us on the dance floor and we went back to sleep.  We had to head back early so after 3 hours of sleep, we woke up at 6am and started back to Los Angeles.  So in 17 hours, we saw ancient rocks, ate Japanese food twice and danced the night away with Tiesto.  It was a fast turn around but worth every second.  Vegas baby, Vegas.


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