Monrovia Falls

The original plan was to goto Sturtevant Falls but by the time we got there at 7:30am, parking was all the way down the mountain.  I love to see all the different waterfalls along the 210 freeway and many people have the same idea.  The crowds at the falls are ridiculous.  I would not chase waterfalls on the weekend for awhile.  Not going to Sturtvenant Falls was a huge disappointment but we decided to roll out to Monrovia Falls which is about 4 miles away.  It seems that everyone wants to see waterfalls now.  Monrovia Canyon Park occupies 80 acres but what keeps  people away is the $6 parking on weekends and that fact that the hike to the fall is a relatively easy 3 miles.  The water was flowing plentifully and we stopped a few times to take pics of the stream and the man made dams.


The actual water fall is 30 feet fed by natural springs further up the mountain.  The water fall is a two stage drop with the waterfall breaking to the right half way down.  We took some time enjoying the sound of the water and taking pics and watching people take pics for about 45 minutes.



I had the wrong camera setting so I had to delete a lot of pics which was a total bummer.  In the end, this short hike was just enough of an excuse to grab dim sum
afterwards and continue our adventure to downtown Pasadena and the Norton Sim
on Museum which will be in the next blog…img_1712

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