Eaton Canyon

Southern California has seen some unprecedented rains in the past month and that has left snow in the mountains and water in the streams.  Eaton canyon waterfall is a 40 ft fall tucked away off the 210 freeway and is easy to get to with plenty of parking..usually.  With the recent rains, this place is even more crowded than ever and you need to get here early to get a parking spot and find elbow room at the falls.


Lady Egg and I got there at 7:30 right when the gates opened up, even then there were people already hiking up.  Waterproof shoes are highly recommend because the rocks are slippery and there are several water crossings.  It was a fun game watching people hiking with tennis shoes.  In my head, I was laughing because I knew their shoes were going to get wet.  The hike was great, I loved it and it was the first time for Lady Egg to see this waterfall.  With rabbit hopes and gazelle grace we managed to get our shoes only slightly wet.  It was a shame to see people leaving trash on the trail and graffiti on the rocks.


People really need to appreciate the gifts that nature gives.  In the end we had a fun time on this sub 4 mile hike and got some great memories to share.  Come now but bring your hiking boots and hiking poles to help with the water crossings.



4 thoughts on “Eaton Canyon

      1. I don’t want Google satellite pics, I want Sunny pics. I find them better and more authentic…and most likely they are taken in places that I can personally refer to. 🙂


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