Gems in Irvine

Irvine is starting to improve its culinary scene and if you want a mix of Asian food, the plaza on the corner of Jamboree and Alton will get you excited like a kid opening up his first present on Christmas.  There is a Korean supermarket along with 85 degree bakery and Capital Seafood.  The guys decided to eat at Yigah so after work I drove thru the nightmare called the 405 freeway to Irvine.  Dinner was at 7:30pm but I got there at 7:00pm so I put my name down and decided to take a seat at  Urban Seoul and get a drink. Urban Seoul is leading a strong charge by mixing Korean and Mexican flavors and serving it up in it’s own style.  I ordered the Black Market stout which is based on a bourbon style and a pork belly taco ($2 on taco Tuesday).  The Black Market stout was 12% alcohol so they only pour you an 8 oz for that.  I liked the smooth finish with a tiny hint of sweetness that you would guess from the bourbon.  The taco was nicely dressed with a chipotle mayo with cheese and greens.  For a taco tuesday this taco came in a tux when only a nice shirt was required.


At 7:30, we rolled out to Yigah for dinner.  Of course they crossed my name out since I was busy drinking but we managed to not lose too many spots and got seated quickly.  We started by sharing the Korean style tonkatsu and the yuksoo bulgogi.  Its basically bulgogi and veggies in a sweet beef broth.  Not a bad way to get your meal started.  Several soju bottles later we all ordered an individual soup.  Mine was the galbitang, which is a beef short ribs with vermicelli noodles.

soju soju soju
yuksoo bulgogi

Finally, I wanted to show my friends a Taiwanese dessert place called Meet Fresh.  I know, its a terrible name, like naming your child Fatty McFart.  We shared the #3 Herbal Jelly combo while the guys got a Jasmine Green Milk Tea and a Green Tea with Whipped Cream.  As much as I like that dessert, the guys didn’t really like it.  Regardless, it was fun to check out all the various places in the Diamond Jamboree plaza.  Places like these are really a gem in the sea of commonality.


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